Where Am I From?|My AncestryDNA Result

Hey Guys! 

Sorry It's been a while since I posted on here and on my YouTube channel. I have been so busy with work... Anyway let's get to the main gist for today. 

I have been seeing a bunch of videos on YouTube where people find out where they originate from through various websites. Out of curiosity, I thought it would be a fun and educating experience to find out more about my ancestry. I chose to go with Ancestry DNA because it was on sale and that was what my budget could afford. However, there are a couple of other DNA websites to chose from.

The process was quite easy. I placed an order for the ancestry kit which included: A tube for my saliva sample, an activation code to process the AncestryDNA kit, and a prepaid box to ship back my saliva sample. 

It took about two weeks to receive the AncestryDNA kit. After which, I sent in my Saliva sample to the lab for processing. The lab started processing my DNA results on May 10th and I got my results on May 19th (which took shorter than I thought it would).

From what I have been told by my parents. I am orignally from the south-eastern part of Nigeria (Imo State). My Mum is also from the south-eastern part of Nigeria (Anambra State). My Maternal Grand-Mother is also from the south-eastern part of Nigeria (Imo State). I am not really sure where my paternal Grand-Mother is from because I was never told. 

Going into this I was so sure that I would be 100% Nigerian. I even made a bet with my friend for 50 Canadian Dollars (LOL). However when I received my results, I was shocked by what I saw. I am only 51% Nigerian (so only half Nigerian). The rest of my Ancestry are found in Benin/Togo (23%), Cameroon/Congo (22%), Ivory Coast/Ghana (4%). 

I see how this would make sense because if you look closely at the map, you would see that all the countries where my DNA can be traced to are all border countries to Nigeria. So I would assume that some of my ancestors immigrated from these countries to Nigeria.

Have you had your DNA done? If so, did you discover something new or was it what you thought it would be?


Dna results.png

My Parents

My GrandParents

Three Generations: My Maternal Grandma, My Mum and Me